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What are Murals

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Mural is an artwork, a painting executed directly on a wall. Murals are much more than just a painting. They deliver ideas, concepts and purpose. Murals deliver strong and effective messages. Architectural and supporting elements are harmoniously incorporated into a good Mural.

Right kind of wall Murals can change your client's perspective of your brand and effectively boost employee output.

Why do you Need a Mural

Wall Murals in gurgaon

Office walls are very effective for creative storytelling. Murals on prominent office walls can be used to engrave company's vision and other important business statements. It helps to bring a sense of uplifted brand to everyone and infuse confidence to stakeholders.

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Company Vision

wall branding ideas in gurgaon

Mission Statement

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Journey/ Milestone

wall branding ideas in delhi


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wall branding design in gurgaon


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Designer Wall

Where all Murals can be Used

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Murals can be used on just about any prominent and descent size wall in office.

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Entry Wall
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Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Conference Room
Creative Office Wall Design
Common Passage
Los Angeles
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Storage Area

Murals Components

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Mural is not just a fancy painting. Good Murals have embedded components that blend well with graphics and overall ambience.

A Prominent Wall

High Quality Paint

Industry Objects


Design Elements and Props

Team Building Activities

wall murals in delhi

Murals can be used on just about any prominent and descent size wall in office.

The Making of a Mural

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Making a Mural is a journey. It starts from the right brief followed by concept formation and visualisation. Before going on the wall, Murals start with wireframing and iterative rounds of fine tuning to produce the desired digital prototype.

This prototype is then executed and implemented on the wall.

* Briefing for Objective

* Concept and Visualization

* Wireframe

* Digital Prototype

* Implementation on the Wall

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* Team Building Activity

* Inaugural / Launch

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Our Mural Showcase

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Our Team

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Anu Founder $ Creative Director


Founder & Creative Director

Rohit Co-finder & Planning Head


Co-Founder & Planning Head

Varun Marketing and Sales Head


Marketing & Sales Head

Ashpi Graphic Specialist


Graphic Specialist

Rishi Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

Sunny Business Develop


Business Development

Pallavi Project Coordinator


Project Coordinator

Naveen Production & Delivery


Production & Delivery

Deepak Techincal Analyst


Techincal Analyst

Mural Pricing

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Corporate Murals have custom pricing. The price has 2 major components, Conceptualization & Implementation.

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Conceptualization - This is a fixed cost based on content and the concept visualisation.

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Implementation - This is a square foot cost based on area and components.

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