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The WallArt is a creative art platform engaged in diversified Art forms and services. We believe that art is for everyone and work on our goal to create quality art that brings beauty and inspiration to everyday life. Our artists have unique ideas and know-how to craft any concept and turn your space into a lively environment. From murals, statues, to sculptures and more, we create artwork that gives a unique touch to any space.

WallArt empowers and encourages budding and established artists to showcase their work. We aspire to build a rich Artist community to promote Art with professionally backed services and support.

Segments & Industries

Wall Murals in Gurgaon India

WallArt caters to a variety of segments and industries where artistic flaunt is either the core or an edge in the market.

Corporate Wall Art


Office wall decor sends a message to your clients, emphasizing your company ideals, mission and values. Office wall paintings can motivate and uplift employees, adding vibrancy to your workplace culture.

Museum Gallery Design


Be it a gallery art set to tell a story or a 3D relief art in museums to showcase past events, museums have always given a chance to navigate through the history of creative expression throughout the ages.

Street Art Mural

Street Art

Street art is interesting, innovative and unrestricted. Street art murals are an incredibly diverse and varied art movement,one that is growing in popularity. There certainly aren§Ó??t any limits on what an artist can put in the street.

Wall Murals for Living Room


Wall decor is a prime part of a harmonized home decor and with the proper accessories, colors, and factors to your walls, you get to create a homely and cheerful atmosphere.

Commercial Artwork


Art for commercial spaces is taking on a much more important role than merely providing a bit of colour. When decorating your commercial office wall art, you have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Art in Healthcare


Enhance the strength of healing through artwork. Incorporating the whole variety of artforms, art in hospitals can enhance healthcare environments, converting sterile medical environments into better supportive, public spaces.

Event Stage Decoration

Entertainment & Events

When you§Ó??re organizing a large event, you would require accessories like wall backdrop or wedding decor to make it surely spectacular. Bring your occasions to life and create a charming event experience using wall decors, sculptures etc.

Hotel Wall Art

Hotels & Restaurants

Be it a hotel reception area, lobby or a restaurant, every area is capable of being turned into a gallery. Guests are intrigued by the desire to experience as much as they can, and wall art for hotels & restaurants makes impressive views.

Wall Painting for School


Nothing impacts millions like a mural carried out right. Creative school wall paintings or education wall decor are the greatest way to bring school essence and impactful learning to your school. Wall art is turning large dull walls into inspiring works of art and stimulating learning environments into schools & universities

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wall murals in gurgaon

We welcome all Seasoned/Amateur/Budding Artists to join our community for great benefits and updates.

Artwork Categories

wall murals in gurgaon

The Wall Art is a creative agency offering wall murals, statues & sculptures, paintings and prints services to individuals, corporates, museums and galleries. Our fine art experts always use equipment and mediums of the highest quality and offer full service facilities.

Mural Artwork

Wall mural, a piece of art painted directly on the wall, is one of the easiest way to instil life into a dull wall. 3D Wall murals enhance the decor aesthetics of your place and make it look mesmerizing.


Office wall art can help companies add a personal touch to the environment, introduce fascinating themes, or project their brand values. Office wall decor or 3D wall murals can be decorated with a variety of artwork. Creative Office wall art can be placed in conference rooms, hallways, or reception areas to form a positive, lasting impression on the viewers as well.


Home is the favourite place for everyone, and we want it to look as alluring as it can. The wall art for home is designed with the room aesthetics. Wall murals for home enhance the atmosphere of any space and give it a distinctive appearance. Home wall d§¤?cor murals are woven into a way that they blend into your home interiors and offer a striking element to them.


Wall d§¤?cor for events is the right choice to make an enduring impact on your space. You want to make your guests see the best event they§Ó??ve yet to visit and wall art can make that happens by stimulating lasting memories for the visitors. Whether it's a wall d§¤?cor for wedding, a corporate event, or a theme party, wall art can turn it into a remarkable occasion.


A phenomenal and astonishing wall art for hospitals can be relaxing and tranquillizing for patients. Healthcare artwork can completely transform a room, the hallways, or the overall appearance of the hospital or healthcare facility. Art can effectively transform any space, offering it a refreshing vibrance as well as retaining its organic formality.


Add some motivational wall art for your gym or yoga room with fitness wall murals. A wall mural for gym can boost the aesthetic vibe of a space and enhance people§Ó??s experience and help them to reach their goals. Wall decor for gym provide a thoroughly custom-built solution and are sure to invigorate any size wall.

Street Art

Street wall art is a form that exists beyond definition and has continued to involve since its inception in the twentieth century. It can completely transform dull spaces, dazzling them with colour and revolutionary messages. Graffiti wall art has been an integral part of this form. Street art graffiti represents community, celebrates culture, and breaks boundaries through passionate artistry.

Public Art

Public wall art adds immense value to the cultural, aesthetic and lucrative vibrancy of a community. It can send important messages to the society, make them aware of the surroundings and let them see it differently. Public art links to the factors in which it is sited. Public art embraces all artistry and enhances our lives in different ways.


Hotel wall art helps the hospitality industry acquire a contemporary touch. One way to impact the visit of the guests is through the wall art of your lobby and rooms. You can enliven your hotel and turn it into a harbor of hospitality and fervidness, by setting up beautiful 3D wall art decor. Modern wall art can set the mood and create a soothing ambiance around the room.

Cafe & Bar

Wall art for cafe brings forth the creative side of a cafe or a bar, which further piques the customer§Ó??s interest. Painted with doodles, witty quotes, or interesting figures and scenarios, caf§¤? & bar decor bring forward a fascinating side of the cafe. Cafe wall decor often consists of funky murals and enthralling figures that bring out the artist§Ó??s innovative perspective.


Create your own custom wall art with The Wall Art. Customize your wall art to represent you, with a personalized wall art made to fit your walls. We pride ourselves on offering you a variety of finest customized 3D wall arts, providing a friendly customer service staff, and letting our customers choose the exact size and fitting medium for their special space.

Sculptures Artwork

Sculpture is the art of carving wood, chiseling stone, casting or welding metal etc. into 3D representations, as statues, figures, etc. Statues add an extra dimension of aesthetic to the surroundings.

Fiber FRP

Fiber-reinforced Plastic/Polymer (FPR) is a type of material that is widely used to create statues, sculptures, and relief artwork. From minimalistic, modern art pieces to historical accounts that bring history to life, fiber art sculpture provides space for artistic storytelling. Fiber sculpture and fiber statue are inherently versatile form that gives way to a variety of colour options, remarkable designs, and stunning three-dimensional effects.


Metal art has become an increasingly popular alternative for decorating interiors. Metal art sculpture caters to personal tastes, from contemporary minimalism to vintage compositions. Modern metal sculptures have been in vogue for quite some time. A metal statue or metal sculpture is graceful, eye-catching, and wonderfully augments the look of a room.

Christmas Sets

Get every inch of your shopping center into the holiday spirit and let the people kick off the holiday shopping season with Christmas d§¤?cor. Go viral with Christmas Tree decorations and Giant Inflatable Santa, be unique with Christmas Reindeer decorations and Christmas Ornaments, and hit on tradition with Christmas Baubles and lights and make your shopping center a mandatory place to visit.


A bronze sculpture is a 3D form of art made by pouring smelted bronze into a mould and leaving it to inpissate. It has been considered illustrious since old times and the techniques for sculpting it have not changed. A bronze statue is a long-lasting metal that is concocted of various materials. The resilience that the bronze statue or sculpture offers is complemented only by its artistic beauty.


Wooden art is associated with exquisitely carved patterns and rustic charm. The artworks blend seamlessly into any space, adding character to it. Most wooden art elements §Ó?¡° from ornate sculptures to intricate wood wall art §Ó?¡° radiate raw elegance. Wooden sculpture is crafted with fine details and earthy tones. Wooden statue§Ó??s organic qualities allow artists to focus their attention on specific areas and create awe-inspiring sculptures.

Museum Set-Fabrication

Museums are some of the most important intellectual foundations, conserving history, displaying humanity§Ó??s artistry, and providing unique visions across cultures and individuality.

3D Relief

3D relief art has been derived from a long-standing tradition of sculpting. From ornate 3D motifs to abstract patterns and relevant contemporary themes, relief sculpture art is known for its creational flexibility. Moreover, works of wall relief art are most often compositions of past events or narrative accounts. Relief art is represented in beautiful museum exteriors or stemming from the walls in art galleries.

Custom Galleries

Fabricating museum exhibits that provide educative and amusement content inspire the learning procedure and satiate our inquisitiveness of history, sciences, and the environment.

Set Fabrication

The process of museum set fabrication starts before drawings and continues through to installations of the exhibit. Truly effective immersive museum exhibits are those that are engrossing and natural. Successful museum exhibit fabrication augments the experience your visitors obtain and the intellectual or entertainment value they take from it.

3D painting for Home Decor

It is time to upgrade your plain and dull walls. A painting can help in converting any wall into nothing less than a style haven. From sculptures and statues to murals and graceful wall paintings, these art-pieces have a distinctive rustic beauty to them.


Abstract art painting has never been constrained by the internet rules of objective reality. Abstract paintings represents ideas through bold colours, geometric shapes, and gestural forms. These paintings are especially well-suited to modern aesthetics. Abstract paintings enhance the atmosphere of any space and give it a distinctive appearance.

Modern & Contemporary

Modern art paintings are experimental and strives to break away from traditional artistic values. This form allows Modern artists to extend their imagination and create meaningful art. Contemporary art paintings represents the present and is beautifully transformative. Walls decorated with modern & contemporary art become the highlight of the room.


Motivational art extends a feel-good quality to the viewer. Best suited for workplaces and frequently visited spots around the house, inspirational art exudes a sense of purpose. Motivational paintings are inherently versatile, and it can bring about a sense of calm as well as stimulate people§Ó??s imagination. It effectively contributes towards beautifying a space and enhancing its aesthetics.


Nature art bestows artists with a wealth of inspiring elements. From breath-taking landscapes to abstract depictions and profound nature paintings, they evoke serenity. Nature art paintings reflect a beautiful artistic voice along with stunning visual representations. This form is soul-stirring and presents the inherent beauty of nature in all its glory.


Religious art is born from a confluence of devotion and artistic expression. Religious art painting draws inspiration from mythology, folklore, and epic tales to evoke cultural resonance. These paintings are designed with immense passion, a stunning blend of colours, and radiate a sense of positivity. Religious paintings are known to signify prosperity, auspiciousness, and peace.


The phrase §Ó??figure painting§Ó?? is a vague opportunity to the similarly indistinct umbrella term §Ó??figurative painting§Ó?? which itself generally refers to a sort of representational artwork primarily based on figurative drawing, wherein the point of interest is at the realism of the human shape without encroaching at the more §Ó??artificial§Ó?? style of portraiture. Figurative paintings exude a brilliant attraction and represent a free-spirited blend of different styles that work together splendidly.


India§Ó??s tradition, cultural sentiments and spiritual ideas affect one of a kind varieties of Indian art and paintings. Initially, Indian paintings would colour home walls with natural colours and earthy dyes. An extension of ethnic tradition, Indian traditional paintings reflect India§Ó??s inherent diversity. Indian wall art paintings tend to stand-out in any setting, beguiling viewers with their uniqueness.


Oil painting is a classic, artistic medium. When decorating walls, oil paintings on canvas marvellously augment the ambience of interior spaces. From serene, muted tones to abstract compositions, canvas wall art is often layered to add a vibrant texture to them. Oil painting art is brilliant, evocative works of art that can resonate with individual personalities and become the highlight of a room.


Acrylic colours are synthetic based paints that are perhaps one of the most accessible mediums of art. With time, acrylic paintings have adapted to more modern methods of creation. Acrylic pouring is one such technique used to design eye-catching abstract pieces. Acrylic paintings on canvas give way to fascinating artworks that can make the walls come alive.

Spray Paint

Spray painting is an art medium that is used extensively in the creation of murals, street art, and graffiti. Commonly known as aerosol paint, it is pressurized into cans. Available in dazzling colours, spray paint art is used to design eye-catching artwork. They can coat just about any surface such as wood, plastic, metal, glass. Spray painting gives artworks a smooth finish and adds a vibrant touch that makes them stand out.


From intense hyper-realistic portraits to abstract figures, the charcoal artwork inspires depth and detail. With its rich black tones and a beautiful interplay of light and shadow, charcoal painting has a subtle aesthetic. Charcoal sketches are created from a seamless blend of contrasting shades, gentle and sharp strokes, and skilled layering. Together, these techniques present charcoal artworks that exude an elegant, monochromatic charm.


The common pencil- the word derives from the latin §Ó??peniculus§Ó?? that means brush- is the most instantaneous and touchy of the drawing media, being able to generate a quick pencil sketch or a finely labored pencil painting. Pencil shading varies according to the hardness of the graphite lead in the shaft. The harder the lead the finer the line. The major drawback of artworks in pencil sketch art is their relative impermanence, and monochrome character.


Ink artworks have several properties which make it an excellent medium to work with. Ink paintings are versatile and should be a staple in every artist§Ó??s collection. The traditional medium for ink painting is black ink, typically applied with long-haired brushes onto paper or silk. Ink wash painting calls for specific techniques with regards to growing texture and conveying light and shadow.


Handmade paintings can instantly embellish blank walls and add significant creative value to any setting. They can blend beautifully with a setting§Ó??s interiors as well as become an appearance of one§Ó??s personality. Handmade wall paintings seamlessly reflect perception, add a bright dash of colour, and can easily become the focal point of a particular room when placed in a complementary fashion.

Digital painting in India

Decorate your workplace or any other area with different kinds of digital art style like digital prints, photography, etc. These prints can be fun and vibrant and add an appealing dimension to any given space.

Digital Prints

Digital art is a form that has been born out of the dynamic interlacing of creative vision and technology. Digital prints rely heavily on technical aspects, pushes beyond restrictions, and allows for experimentation with painting techniques as well as novel themes. This versatile form can range from digital paintings to digital art prints, photography, and motion graphics. Digital artworks bring whimsical artistry to life through technology.


Photography is a medium of art that gracefully interweaves reality with artistic expression. Photographers often focus on telling stories through their images as well as on the aesthetic quality of their composition. Incorporating photograph prints into one§Ó??s space instantly adds vibrance to it, giving it an alluring charm. Decorating the walls with art photography can brilliantly enhance the aura of creativity in a particular setting.


Wallpapers present a creative and frolic way to change the dull monotony of a space. From bold colours to abstract designs, 3D scenes, and relaxing nature backgrounds, wallpaper prints come in several categories. Whether customised wallpapers, designed with a mural-like effect, or sporting complementary geometric patterns, wallpapers are chosen to suit one§Ó??s personal tastes.

Custom Art

Decorate your home with custom artwork prints. Whether you have simply moved into a new house or you§Ó??re trying to add persona to walls which have been plain too long, art prints are a fascinating solution. Celebrates your life§Ó??s great moments and recollections through showing them in stylish, custom digital art prints.

Fabrication of Tableau

Every year, during Republic Day, different states, departments, and ministries showcase their respective Tableau Parade, a group of figures or models displaying a scene or story from history or depicting their culture, which brings out the diversity and rich heritage of India. We conceptualize, design, and fabricate Republic Day Parade Tableau.

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Creating an Artwork is a journey. It starts from the right brief followed by conceptualization and iterative rounds to create the desired digital prototype. The final concept is then executed to create Artwork.


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