Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Murals in gurgaon

What are 3D murals?

3-dimensional murals come in wide variety. They can be 3d printed wallpapers, a physical element embossed on wall, or a metal/wooden custom mural. Some people also categorize Sculptures as 3D murals

Can Murals be used outdoors?

Yes, Murals can be done just about on any wall including outdoors.
Infact, outdoor Murals are very popular and uplift the area nicely.

How much does a Mural cost?

Mural pricing are based on size of the wall and material. Generally murals have custom pricing depending upon the concept, wall size and its accessibility.

Is there any other form of wall art besides murals?

Yes, there are plenty of artistic wall art options available.
Ready made theme-based wallpapers, 3d hyper-realistic paintings, metal/wood wall art pieces, and much more.

How can i upgrade my office front/reception area?

Custom artwork for your office wall brings freshness and upgraded look to your office. Getting a custom mural for your office walls will uplift entire workspace and are trending.

How Long Does Painting a mural take?

The process of making a mural depends on many factors such as size of the wall, theme, design elements. Time is also dependent upon accessibility of the wall e.g if it is readily available and at ground level, or needs elevated access etc. Typically most murals are completed within a period of 2 weeks.

Do you make Murals for Businesses or homes?

We do murals for both businesses and homes. We also do outdoor and murals for Events.

How long does a mural last. Does it fade with time?

Good quality indoor murals done with quality paints usually last 5 years or more. When longer life is needed, we can do additional corrosion resistant coatings to increase its life for a few more years. Outdoor murals have a smaller life and depends upon factors like water, temperature exposure etc.

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